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Marine Resource Management for Pilots & Pilotage Conditions:

To meet the requirement for IMO A960 – the training of pilots other than deep-sea pilots.

Intended for:


PEC Holders

Shore-based Personnel (inc. Harbour Masters)

Pilot Managers


Tug Masters and Mates

Training Methods:

Classroom based

Lectures, workshops and incident analysis.

Discussionis an integral part of the course.

Duration: Two days (classroom based)

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At our training facility at Woodside Business Park on the Wirral, we have our own dedicated
simulator we use to deliver internal and external training courses.
The simulator is designed for the following applications:

Ship-handling and navigation training
Specific ship performance assessments and operational limits/feasibility studies
Incident investigations and emergency response planning
Pilot exemption certificate training

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External courses are delivered by a senior Liverpool Pilot who is Institute of Leadership and Management trained to deliver the courses
and has many years’ experience as a ship handling professional. We can also tailor a course to suit
your needs on request.

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